5G appeal-URGENT

An increasing number of people that I see are suffering from symptoms of Electrical Hypersensitivity, such as tinnitus, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, muscle pains etc. Some people feel pain directly in their ears when they use their mobile phone. The telecoms industry has assured us for years that mobile phone technology is safe and that the dramatic rise in malignant brain tumours has nothing to do with them.

5G stands for “5th Generation” and  the 5G mobile telecoms network will be added to all the radiation already used in 2G, 3G and 4G. It transmits at a very wide range of frequencies in the microwave and millimetre wave bands. The industry claims 5G is safe. However, when directly questioned at a Senate hearing in America into the rollout of the 5G network, a representative of the industry admitted that NO SAFETY STUDIES HAVE BEEN DONE.

“Flying Blind” on the Health Effects of 5G Wireless Technology Confirmed at US Senate Hearing After Senator Blumenthal Questions Industry

On the contrary, the consensus view of independent scientists, backed up by thousands of peer-reviewed studies, is that radiofrequency radiation is biologically dangerous. In September 2019, I attended the British Society for Ecological Medicine Conference about 5G. The information given was utterly horrifying. 5G is a threat to all life on earth. Current levels of radiation, before 5G, have been shown to cause DNA damage, infertility, cancers and dementia. Radiofrequency radiation damages plants, insects, animals and birds. For more information, see:

  • www.phiremedical.org
  • https://bioinitiative.org/conclusions/

This year, Brighton and Hove Council is planning to join in the rush to roll out a 5G network. This will increase our exposure to radiofrequency radiation exponentially. We will not be able to escape irradiation. We will be irradiated from street level antennae, placed every 100m or so, and from around 20,000 new low-earth orbit satellites. Antennae will be placed outside homes and schools. Beams of radiation from these antennae are designed to track devices and will inevitably cross many times, creating hotspots, like the hotspots created in cancer radiotherapy treatment to kill tumours. We won’t be able to avoid the hotspots. Remember, the industry pushing this has conducted NO SAFETY STUDIES.

Please read and sign this petition. Perhaps, if enough people respond, we will have a chance to stop this madness. I’m sorry to have to write such a gloomy post.


Winter Wellbeing Festival 2019 at Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre

January can be a difficult month for many. In the UK, the days are cold and short. The festive season has passed; overspending and over-indulgence can leave us with a physical, emotional and financial hangover. Ubiquitous advertising throughout November and December suggests we should all be having a whale of a time, partying, spending lots of money on others and being surrounded by loving happy people. Not surprisingly, this often has the opposite effect, evoking feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, emptiness and emotional disconnection. It can be a really tough time. January is therefore a good time to reconsider how you want to live your life, a time for making resolutions, for changing life for the better.

For this reason, Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre is holding a Winter Wellbeing Festival over the weekend of the 19th and 20th  of January 2019.


It is a free event, although booking is required owing to limited space. There is a full programme including integrated talks, where doctors and therapists discuss various methods for addressing problems such as insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain.  There are taster classes in singing, yoga and pilates and taster therapy sessions available with different treatment modalities, such as reflexology, craniosacral therapy and acupuncture. Oh, and there should be some yummy (healthy) food!

I will be giving a talk on Saturday 19th January at 2pm about using Homeopathy for First Aid situations. My first encounter with homeopathy was after I was knocked off my bike by a bus some years ago: homeopathic arnica worked miraculously and my prejudice against this wonderful medical system was challenged. Subsequently, I bought a homeopathy kit and saw remarkable results with it when my children were acutely ill. This led me to train as a homeopath.

Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre is an Integrated NHS centre, which combines an NHS general practice with integrated health practitioners and a charity that pays for NHS patients who cannot afford integrated therapy. It is a wonderfully open-minded place with a very committed and compassionate staff. I wish all GP practices in this country were run on this model. I am very fortunate to be able to work here.

If you are in the area over the weekend of January 19th and 201th, please do come along. It should be a lot of fun.